Arctic Fox




Arctic Fox

Eye Colour


Fur Colour



Yak, Penguin


To be shown around Coldchester by Robbie


Is refunded by Donner

Appears in

Legend Of The Lost Tribe

Voiced by

Jane Horrocks (UK) Grey DeLisle (US)

Arctic Fox is a character in the second Robbie the Reindeer film Legend Of The Lost Tribe.

Legend Of The Lost TribeEdit

She is seen along with the other tourists being shown around a mountain area of Coldchester by Robbie. But after Penguin falls off the cliff after testing out the strength of the fence on the mountain Robbie manages to save him but falls over the cliff but not before beginning to asking the tourists to tell Donner that he loves her but loses grip off the cliff before he can finish making the tourists think he loves someone called ahhhh. Arctic Fox along with the other tourists are later refunded by Donner.

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