Queen Vorkana, Other Nargathrons


Robbie, Earth Guardians


To serve Queen Vorkana


Is blown up along the Nargathron ship by the Earth Guardians but survives

Appears in

Close Encounters Of The Herd Kind

Voiced by

Graham Norton

The Computer is a character in the 2007 Robbie the Reindeer film Close Encounters Of The Herd Kind. He is the computer on the Nargathron ship.

Close Encounters of the Herd KindEdit

The Computer is set to destroy Earth by Vorkana powered by The Nargathron Crystal. Robbie sends his fiancée Donner back to Earth, before facing against Vorkana and teleports her to Earth. The Computer continues the countdown and reduces it to 10 seconds when Robbie tries to silent him. The Earth Guardians then blow up the ship but both Robbie and The Computer survive.

The Computer is last seen at Robbie and Donner's wedding reception standing next to Old Jingle who says that he always knew that Prancer and Em were meant for each other.

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