Des Yeti





Eye Colour


Hair/Fur Colour

Hair: Grey Fur: Brown


Alan Snowman




To commentate the Reindeer Games (Hooves Of Fire), To try out the ride at Blitzen's Reindeer World


Sees Robbie and Donner return from defeating Blitzen and watches them kiss and later attend Prancer and The Vikings disco.

Appears in

Hooves Of Fire, Legend Of The Lost Tribe

Voiced By

Alistair McGowen (UK) Dick Enberg (US)

Des Yeti is a character in the Robbie the Reindeer films. He serves as a commentator to The Reindeer Games along with his co-host Alan Snowman. He is voiced by Alistair McGowen in the UK version and Dick Enberg in the US version.

Hooves of FireEdit

Des is seen along with Alan sitting on a mountain facing the venue of The Reindeer Games and commantates on Blitzen getting high scores on the events (unaware that he took a drug to improve his skills before the start of the games) and later commentate on the most important event The Steeplechase.

Legend of the Lost TribeEdit

Des along with Alan are among the guests to attend a new attraction called Blitzen's Reindeer World and going into a cart but it won't move. Just then, Blitzen (who was trying to escape Robbie) arrives and Des asks him if he can help them out, but instead, Blitzen throws them out of the cart and sets it flight mode and flies off. He along with Alan later appear after Robbie and Donner return after defeating Blitzen. Des and Alan as last seen attending Prancer and The Vikings' disco with the reindeer and other tourists.


Des has brown fur with grey hair and mustache with black eyes and thick black eyebrows.



  • He is based on Des Lynam.

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