Head Elf





Eye Colour


Hair/Beard Colour

Reddish Brown


Robbie, Donner, Old Jingle, Santa Claus, Other Elves


To led the other elves and employ Robbie


Gets engaged to Old Jingle

Appears in

Hooves Of Fire

Voiced by

Rhys Ifans (UK)
Rob Paulsen (US)

Head Elf is a character in the first Robbie the Reindeer film Hooves Of Fire.

Hooves Of FireEdit

The Head Elf is first seen along with the other elves finding Robbie frozen in ice and defrost him wishing to have him as food, but decides not to after seeing that Robbie alive. Robbie then asks to work as an elf since he has left the sleigh team. At first, Head Elf is reluctant, but employs him.

However after a while due to the reindeer's poor skills, Head Elf has to keep demoting Robbie until he is serving as a forklift. One day, Donner arrives to collect gym equipment from the workshop and sees Robbie in his current situation and convinces him to compete in The Reindeer Games in order to get back on the sleigh team.

Head Elf is later seen along with Donner, helping Old Jingle train Robbie for The Steeplechase. He is later seen arriving at the Reindeer Games to alert Robbie about Old Jingle being trapped under his house when attempting to move it.

He is last seen with Old Jingle watching the Reindeer Games on TV and when Robbie is declared winner Jingle asks Head Elf to marry him which he accepts.


  • It seems that the engagement of the Head Elf and Jingle didn't last long as he isn't seen or mentioned in the two Hooves of Fire sequels Legend of the Lost Tribe and Close Encounters Of The Herd Kind, hinting that they broke off their engagement sometime in between the end of Hooves of Fire and the start of Legend of the Lost Tribe.