Intergalactic Saucer Turbo 3000

Appears In

Close Encounters Of The Herd Kind

Intergalactic Saucer Turbo 3000 is a type of spaceship used by The Earth Guardians in the 2007 Robbie the Reindeer film Close Encounters Of The Herd Kind.

Close Encounters of the Herd KindEdit

The most notable Earth Guardian to own one of the ships is Gary who crash lands in Coldchester after intercepting a Nargathron craft and selling The Nargathron Crystal, but is fatally injured in the process.

Following Gary's death, Robbie uses the ship to fly to the Nargathrons' ship to rescue his fiancée Donner. Robbie later puts Donner into the ship and teleports her back to Earth while he stays behind to stop a countdown to Earth's destruction.

Later, a fleet of Earth Guardians arrive in these ships to arrest the Nargathrons and destroy their ship.

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