Long Eared Jack





Eye Colour


Fur Colour



To help Blitzen make Blitzen's Reindeer World


Is found out to be a robot controlled by Carlos a criminal hamster




Rabbit Thugs


Robbie, Donner, Prancer, Old Jingle, Tapir The Vikings

Voiced By

Jeff Goldblum (UK and US)

Long Eared Jack (credited as White Rabbit) is the secondary antagonist of Legend Of The Lost Tribe. He is a master of disguise rabbit who wears a lot of masks. At the end of the film Prancer pull off all the masks and discovers that Jack is in fact a robot controlled by a criminal hamster named Carlos.

Legend of the Lost TribeEdit

Jack is first seen in the film going under the name of "Warren Hutch" and wishes to resident at the supposed hotel Blitzen wants the other the reindeer to build. He is later seen with Blitzen watching the reindeer building the "hotel" and then tells them that champagne is in the hotel but it is then revealed to be a trap and it is is also revealed that Jack and Blitzen are planning to make an attraction called Blitzen's Reindeer World.

Later that night whilst Jack, Blitzen and their Rabbit Thugs are busy Robbie, Donner and Prancer manage to escape to go and find help. Blitzes sends Jack (using the disguise of Yukon Bob) to recapture the trio who manages to catch Donner and Prancer by pulling them into the ground but later catches Robbie but not before the reindeer tells a group of Vikings about what is happening. He is later seen with Blitzen watching Robbie being lowered into a pit full of sharp weapons and asks Blitzen why he is not wearing a robotic helmet like the other reindeer (which is supposed to stop them feeling pain) to which Blitsen replies by saying that he wants Robbie to feel every moment of it. He is last seen preparing to face against Prancer who easily defeats him by jumping on him and pulls off all his masks to reveal that Jack is actually a robot being controlled by a Mexican criminal hamster named Carlos.


  • It's unknown whether Blitzen knew that Jack was a robot or not.
  • In the early stages of Legend of the Lost Tribe, Jack was female and was a prisoner governess.


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