Medical Room

Appears In

Hooves of Fire

The Medical Room is a location in the 1999 Robbie the Reindeer film Hooves of Fire. It is a room in Reindeer Lodge where the Sleigh Team are given physio by Donner.

The room has a bed for the patient to lie on, a bench, filling cabinet, a stereo, first aid box, bottles presumably filled with ointments and medicine, a picture of the inside of the body and a reindeer skeleton.

Hooves of FireEdit

The room is seen when Donner finishes performing physio on Prancer before starting on Robbie. As the session goes on, Robbie talks to Donner about struggling to exercise before going on to talk about meeting a special reindeer.

Donner (who secretly has a crush on Robbie) at first thinks that special reindeer is her, only to learn to her annoyance that Robbie was referring to Vixen. Robbie goes on to say that he can't talk to girls that he likes, but Donner points out that he can talk to her, to which Robbie replies is that's because they're mates (British slang for friends). Donner then ties Robbie into noughts before leaving him alone in the room.




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