Mrs Santa





Eye Colour


Hair Colour



Santa Claus (husband)
Baby Claus (son)


Santa Claus, Baby Claus Robbie, Donner, Prancer, Tapir Old Jingle Head Elf


Blitzen, Vixen

Appears in

Hooves Of Fire

Voiced by

Jean Alexander (UK)
Grey DeLisle (US)

Mrs Santa is a character in the first Robbie the Reindeer film Hooves Of Fire. She is the wife of Santa Claus and the mother of Baby Claus. Like her husband she also has a white beard.

Hooves Of FireEdit

She is first seen in the film at her home as she and Santa prepare for the arrival of the Sleigh Team, whom Santa has invited over for a party to show off his new sleigh: Sleigh Mark II. Mrs. Santa later comes over to Santa to tell him to put on the barbecue, just as he is talking to Robbie about his father.

Mrs. Santa is later seen at The Reindeer Games with her husband and son, where she looks on in horror as the latter is about to be crushed by one of The Three Ten Tonners (who had been accidentally knocked off his platform), but is saved just in time by Robbie, whom Mrs. Santa thanks.

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