Appears In

Hooves of Fire

OctoMonkey is a toy created by Robbie in the 1999 Robbie the Reindeer film Hooves of Fire. He has a monkey head and an octopus body with tentacles.

Hooves of FireEdit

When working at Santa's workshop, Robbie paints dolls, but isn't very good at it and is demoted by the Head Elf to sweeping. Later that day, the Head Elf goes to check on Robbie, but finds him not sweeping but sitting amongst pieces of toys. Robbie tells him that he's made new toys and shows him OctoMonkey and Sebastian MuscleWhale who is OctoMonkey's enemy. However, the Head Elf isn't impressed and demotes Robbie to being a forklift.

After Old Jingle gets trapped under his house after trying to push it back up to the top of Pointy Mountain, the Head Elf goes to The Reindeer Games to tell Robbie (who is preparing to take part in The Steeplechase) of this. Robbie temporally leaves the race to save his mentor and uses OctoMonkey and Sebastian as wedges in order to pull Jingle from under the house.

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