Santa Claus





Eye Colour


Hair Colour



Mrs Santa (wife)
Baby Claus (son)


Mrs Santa, Baby Claus, Robbie, Rudolph, Donner, Prancer, Tapir, Old Jingle, Head Elf, Blitzen (formally), Other Sleigh Team members



Appears in

Hooves Of Fire
Legend Of The Lost Tribe (mentioned)

Voiced by

Ricky Tomlinson (British)
Jim Belushi (American)

Santa Claus (nicknamed Weirdy Beardy by the reindeer) is a character in the first Robbie the Reindeer film Hooves Of Fire. He is a well know figure at Christmas for going around the world on Christmas Eve in his reindeer pulled-sleigh bring gifts to children.

Hooves Of FireEdit

Santa is first shown holding a party at his house, which he has invited the Sleigh Team to. He greets The team's newest member Robbie and asks if he is training hard like his father Rudolph always did. He starts to talk more about Rudolph, but is told by his wife Mrs Santa to put on the barbecue. Santa goes outside and starts the barbecue, only for it to fall through the ice and strike a polar bear underneath. Santa quickly goes back inside his house as the annoyed polar bear emerges from the hole in the ice.

Santa then shows off his new sleigh Sleigh Mark Two to the reindeer, which is equipped with a built-in stereo, a talking ash tray and a navigation system (which was added by Blitzen (who was jealous of Rudolph) to stop Robbie from being the team's navigator) seeing this, Robbie thinks he's off the team but Santa assures him, saying that Blitzen had come up with an idea on which reindeer to leave behind; it would be the one that is most unfit, which Robbie realises is himself. 

Santa is later seen with Mrs Santa and Baby Claus at The Reindeer Games and watches The Steeplechase. After Robbie is made winner by default of The Steeplechase folowing Blitzen's arrest, asks Robbie if he's led a sleigh before and tells him to get practicing, before giving Robbie the keys to the sleigh, saying it's his for the night, to which Robbie takes Donner for a date to the Moon.

He is last seen at the end of the film washing his underware.

Legend Of The Lost TribeEdit

Despite not appearing in the film, Santa is briefly mentioned by Donner saying that he had to give away presents for free due to his holiday business North Pole Holidays (where the reindeer work) not making much money.


  • Oh, you must be Robbie.
  • Look at you, I bet you're training hard. Just like your dad always did.
  • You're a good deer, like your dad. Not that you're in your dad's shadow. I won't keep banging on about your dad you know. He's terrific your dad. You know your dad right, he said to me, Santa... (Santa talking about Rudolph to Robbie, before being told by Mrs. Santa to put on the barbecue)
  • Ever led a sleigh before, Robbie?.
  • Well you'd better get some practice in eh. Here, it's yours for the night. (Santa letting Robbie borrow his sleigh)


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