The Vikings





Hair Colour



To help Robbie defeat Blitzen and Long Eared Jack


Help defeat Blitzen's Rabbit Thugs


Robbie, Donner, Prancer, Old Jingle, Other Sleigh Team members


Blitzen, Long Eared Jack, Rabbit Thugs

Appear in

Legend Of The Lost Tribe

Voiced By

The League of Gentlemen

The Vikings are characters in the second Robbie the Reindeer film Legend Of The Lost Tribe. They are all called Magnus.

They lived amount other clans until one day, they ran out of land to conquer or treasure to steal and battled each other instead. Whilst this happend, this clan of Vikings hid away until the battle was over and the other Vikings had killed each other. The Vikings were ashamed of themselves for being cowards and because of this, they turned down Robbie's offer for them to help him defeat Blitzen (who had captured the other reindeer).

However after Robbie is captured by Blitzen's rabbit sidekick Long Eared Jack, The Vikings decide to help by disguising themselves as a visitor to Blitzen's Reindeer World where they save Robbie from being lowered into bear traps. Whilst Robbie goes to save his fellow reindeer, The Vikings aided by Old Jingle (who trimed their beards when he was younger) battle The Rabbit Thugs.

Following Blitzen's defeat and Robbie and Donner's engagement, The Vikings argue with Prancer over having either a Viking show or disco. In the end, they have a Viking disco.

Known VikingsEdit


  • Besides The Vinkings, there are two animals that live in the village: a dog and a pig.

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