Trooper #2





Eye Colour


Skin Colour

Reddish Orange


Queen Vorkana


Robbie, Donner, Prancer, Tapir, Old Jingle, Emmy, Earth Guardians


To get The Nargathron Crystal


Possibly gets arrested by the Earth Guardians

Appears in

Close Encounters Of The Herd Kind

Voiced By

Ross Kemp

Trooper 2 is a character in the 2007 Robbie the Reindeer film Close Encounters Of The Herd Kind. He is voiced by Ross Kemp.

Close Encounters of the Herd KindEdit

Trooper 2 along with Trooper 1 arrive at Reindeer Lodge, demanding The Nargathron Crystal. Prancer claims that no one is in, but this doesn't convince the two Nargathrons who try to break down the door. Prancer and the others inside try to stop them whilst Em uses the crystal to create a signal to contact the Earth Guardians.

Trooper 2 and the other Nargathrons succeed in getting into Reindeer Lodge and take everyone inside hostage before sending the crystal to their leader Queen Vorkana who uses the crystal to start a countdown to Earth's destruction.

However, the Earth Guardians arrive and arrest the Nargathrons and destroy their ship, thus preventing the destruction of Earth.

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