Viking 3





Eye Colour


Beard Colour

Brownish Gold


Robbie, Old Jingle, Other Vikings


Blitzen, Long Eared Jack, Rabbit Thugs


To help Robbie defeat Blitzen and Long Eared Jack


Helps fight the Rabbit Thugs

Appears in

Legend Of The Lost Tribe

Voiced by

Mark Gatiss (UK) Brad Garrett (US)

Viking 3 (also called Magnus) is a character in the second Robbie the Reindeer film Legend Of The Lost Tribe.

Legend Of The Lost TribeEdit

Viking 3 along with the other Vikings are first seen being discovered by Robbie and tell him about how they hid from battle and Robbie tries to convince them to help him defeat Blitzen and his forces but then Blitzen's sidekick Long Eared Jack arrives and takes Robbie. Later it's revealed that the Vikings decided to help so they go to Blitzen's Reindeer World disguised as a tall man, free Robbie and help fight the Rabbit Thugs. The Vikings are later seen at Robbie and Donner's engagement party along with the other reindeer.

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